Installing Drush for Drupal 8 on Bluehost

For those running Drupal and who don't know what Drush is a simple beginners guide can be found here.

Now those running Drupal 8 will find that only Drush 8 and Drush 9 are compatible. And more importantly you'll need to be running at least PHP 5.4.5 to be running Drush 8

For most this will not be a problem, but for certain reasons Bluehost has hidden their PHP 5.6 a little.

To install Drush you'll need Composer, so this article is a follow up to Install Composer on Bluehost on Avanti Development.

Following his steps you should be able to get composer up and running, but composer only requires PHP 5.4+ and PHP 5.6 is hidden somewhere else.

For this tutorial we'll be installing Drush in the user directory, but you can place it somewhere else if you want.


I hope you found this tutorial helpfull