Website 3.0

The 3rd iteration of sees the light of day with it's v1.0.0 release.

The site sure has come far, from a completely homemade php cms system, to Joomla the slightly awkward yet functional cms system.

With the introduction of Drupal 8 and my old site being hacked do to lack of maintenance, I thought it was time to upgrade the site for a 3rd time. The site also received quite an upgrade moving to GitHub as an open source project.
This will mean that anybody can see what modules I’m running and their versions, but as is stated in “Applied Information Security by Basin, Schaller and Schläpfer”. The second principle of security: Open design “The security of a system should not depend on the secrecy of its protection mechanisms.”


But what else have been improved since previous iterations you ask? Well without going into too much detail:

  • Drupal 8 CMS w/ custom theme
  • Code moved to GitHub
  • Integration with Codacy
  • Bash alias for backing up database and files
  • SCSS compiles to a single minified file
  • JS compiles to a single minified file
  • Advanced nav technology w/ hide on scroll
  • A new and a bit more personal design

The website is obviously not done, as I see most software projects as continuous development, but this is a break point for now so I can work on other open source projects.

Also thanks to anyone listed in the credits section on the github page