Improving Typesetting

With Word being regarded as the literal devil by universities (and with good reason), alternatives providing consistent output with high quality typesetting are quite popular.
LaTex now being the standard was originally released in 1985, and it's issues and limitations are starting to show.
Most notable LaTex's typesetting is just really good, but what constitutes high quality typesetting?

  • All lines being equally long
  • Only hyphenate word when absolutely necessary, adjust text spacing instead
  • A lot of content is small area, without making it unreadable.
  • Consistent layout for references, footnotes
  • Support for correctly displaying mathematical signs
  • Consistent style for titles
  • Easy to read, recognizable font

I’m currently working on a project requiring near perfect typesetting, but can we do more?
...I don’t know, I’m not specialist with typesetting, yet.

(** Update:  Ongoing research **)